Important Things to Know About Having Asbestos Removed When Renovating an Older Home

People renovate older homes for many reasons. You might have purchased an older home at a reasonable price, and now, you might be planning on fixing it up so that you and your family can live in it. Alternatively, you might have purchased an older home that you plan on selling for a profit or renting out to tenants, but first, you'll need to get it ready. If the older home has asbestos present, you might be concerned about this. [Read More]

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos disposal is a process which should be undertaken in a professional manner as you ensure that asbestos in your premises is removed. Asbestos waste is classified into two main categories which are:  Asbestos fibre and dust waste. Asbestos which is stabilised. Dust waste and asbestos fiber Asbestos fiber and dust waste can be mentioned to be any waste that has trace amounts of asbestos fibres or dust in it. [Read More]

Common Solar Water Heater Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Solar water heating systems are some of the most environmental friendly energy solutions for your home. They are popular because after the installation cost, very little else is needed for the maintenance and repair. When installed, they will ease the burden of huge energy bills in the home, and they will also serve you for a long time without need for replacement. However, even the best-maintained systems fail from time to time, which is why it is important to always emphasize troubleshooting common solar heater system problems and the possible solutions. [Read More]

Why Use Hydromulching?

If you have a steep or barren site that needs seeding, you may want to consider the sustainable, fast and affordable seed propagation system, hydromulching. What is hydromulching? When people talk about hydromulching, they're referring to planting seeds via a slurry of mulch made up of recycled paper or fibre, and the seeds of grass or native plants. This mixture is usually sprayed from a tank fixed to a truck or trailer, and can be applied from the air when large areas need to be covered quickly. [Read More]